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How it works

To co-own a home is to share its equity and expenses with one or more people. To make it more simple, you are owning your home and sharing your loan. Friends, family members, significant others, and even matches you find online can share your homeownership.

Cher is an all-in-one platform that is designed to make the entire co-ownership process simple and secure for all aspiring homeowners. It allows user to find their dream home, add desired co-owners, obtain competitive loans, and connect with real estate professionals.


Why Co-own?

As housing prices in many areas continue to rise, co-owning can make homeownership a lot more affordable as the mortgage will be shared between co-owners. With many of us adding roommates, moving back in with family, or hoping for more rent control, it is becoming difficult to save up for one or multiple homes. Co-owning provides many financial benefits to help you increase your buying power, improve credit score, and make consistent monthly payments that go directly towards your home investment.

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Why Cher?

Competitive Loans

Cher has partnered up with UWM and Quicken Wholesale Loans, two of the largest wholesale lenders in the country. These lenders offer competitive mortgages to our clients. Interest rates on loans are as low as 3%. Furthermore, Cher charges no closing costs, which can save users up to $10,000 and as low as 3% down payment that is shared between co-owners.


Professional Guidance Through Loan Process

Many aspiring homebuyers can be confused by different homeowning processes such as getting “pre-qualified” or “pre-approved”. Therefore, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help and guide you through the process and are easily accessible through either phone or chat support.

If you gain a better understanding of different terms related to homeownership, our knowledge hub is available to you.

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Interactive map

Cher’s interactive map is easy to use and allows filtered search by various traits, including location, price, bedrooms, and property type. The system also provides estimates on what monthly mortgage payments would look like for the number of co-owners added.


Match and Own with Other Aspiring Co-owners

Cher has a built-in social network that can help you meet other potential co-owner(s). Our system will match you up with other users that it deems to be a good fit based on a personality test. To ensure a secure experience, users have the option of going through a background check and identity validation.

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What do I do after I signed-up?

At Cher, we hope to make your road to co-ownership as simple as possible. The co-ownership process at Cher is broken down into 6 steps: complete profile, flag homes, add co-owners, get pre-qualified, find a real estate agent, and escrow chat. You can see which step you are currently at by looking at the checklist on your dashboard.

Once the six steps are completed, you are officially a homeowner!

Note: Certain steps require you to complete other steps in order to activate

Growth money

Investor Info

Cher for investors

Seasoned real estate buyers can co-invest funds to purchase residential properties at a fraction of the cost and risk of "buying solo".  Your shared property may benefit from the 1031 exchange plan.*

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Mix and match Cher options

Residential buyers and real estate investors can combine resources for maximum savings on the purchase fees and interest rates. 

*Consult your tax advisor for details.