How does Cher work?

Cher is an all-in-one platform making the process of sharing homeownership simple. To share homeownership is to share its equity and expenses with one or more people.

What are you looking for?

Why share homeownership?

Sharing can make homeownership affordable as the mortgage will be shared. You can save up monthly rent, increase buying power and credit score, and build up your home investment equity.

Who to share with?

Friends, family members, significant others, and even vetted matches you find online in Cher can share your homeownership. What is a vetted match? Our buyers can complete a background check, Identity check, and even a personality quiz to help you connect with quality buyers!

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What is the process of sharing homeownership?

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Why Cher?

Cher has partnered up with UWM and Quicken Wholesale Loans, two of the largest wholesale lenders in the country. These lenders offer competitive mortgages making interest rates on loans as low as 3%. Furthermore, Cher charges no closing costs, which can save you up to $5,000 and as low as 3% down payment that is shared between co-owners.
How does Cher make money?

We charge a fee to real estate agents at the close of escrow. It is free to use for home buyers.

What happens if a co-owner leaves or cannot pay their mortgage?

Cher has partnered with some of the best insurance providers to make sure you and your homeowners are protected. Sign up today to learn if you qualify for our exclusive policies! If a homeowner wants to leave, Cher provides a flexible Market that takes care of everything from posting your ownership for sale to helping you close the deal! – at Cher you can,easily sell your ownership, rent out your share, or even buy out your other owners equity!