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Zero closing cost
Meet verified co-borrowers
Easy & flexible exit options

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Find qualified co-borrowers

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Enjoy the ability to meet and co-own with people outside of your current friends or family social groups. Cher’s patented algorithm, along with soft credit pulls, ID verification, and criminal background checks for every homebuyers creates the total package for co-borrowing like never before.


Quickly calculate your loan

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Our lender partnerships provides us the ability to combine different co-borrower loan amounts from your network in Cher to provide the loan to your dream home.


Find others who like the same home easily

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Access hundreds of featured properties at your fingertips that are tailored to you. Wherever your dream home may be, we streamline this search process by presenting you with quality homes within your price range that will make living or investing with your co-borrowers be the perfect fit. Cher’s real estate professionals are here to help you through this escrow process.


Multiple ways to take your equity

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Whether our co-owners want to rent or sell their ownership, we provide them with the tools making this exit more effective than before. By partnering with experienced professionals and hosting an entire marketplace of buyers looking to co-own a part of the house, we are able to help our co-borrowers take their portion of equity and apply it to anywhere else.

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